Monsters Do Not ExistMonsters Do Not Exist
A simple love story about confronting the monster under the bed in the childrens room. Suburban life takes a dramatic turn, tentacles appears out of nowhere all over the house and in the nusery the soft toys gets a life of their own when a thesis-writing woman comes face to face with a monster. The book alludes to a wide range of references from popular culture including Japanese tentacle hentai, animal documentaries from the depths of the ocean as well as the classic Danish TV series Matador. All woven into an original story drawn in a soft and organic style rich in details and unmistakably its own.

Monsters Do Not Exist is drawn and written by Ina Korneliussen who has made comics all her life and has no intention to stop. She likes deep-sea fauna and philosophical conversations over a nice cup of tea.


Ina Korneliussen, Monsters Do Not Exist
Release: 01.09.2021
52 Pages, 17 x 21 cm, Black and White Print
ISBN 978-87-973040-2-0

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Monsters do Not Exist costs 20 €  / 23 USD / 17 £. You can order our books by sending a mail to hunovhaffgaard@gmail.com

Coffee BrakeCoffee Brake is the story about Barbara, who after a long day in the office, is on her way in panic drives down a frosty, moonlit forest road with her reproachful mother in the Phone, on her way to her father’s birthday. The conflict with mother escalates, and after tyrying to light a cigarette, she resorts to the to-go coffee, which falls apart and spills into her lap the moment she glimpses a female figure in the middle of the road ahead. She slams the brake and the car slides menacingly towards the calm figure in the headlight beam before stopping a few inches in front. Barbara runs out of the car, but the woman is gone, and back in the headlight seat sits a black cat. She slams the car door and follows the cat into the dark forest …

Magnus Merklin, Coffee Brake
Release: 15.05.2021
32 Pages, 17 x 21 cm, Colorprint
ISBN 978-8-797-30400-6

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The price for a “Coffee Brake” is 16 € / 20 USD / 14 £. You can order our books by sending a mail to hunovhaffgaard@gmail.com


My first kissMy first kiss  by Lena Nicolajsen from the graphic design studio “Pinligt Selskab” = “The Embarrassing Company” . Lena has drawn and written two small books for us about something that most people will know: Not being able to fall asleep at night and about the very first kiss.Do you remember your first kiss?


“The stories comes from my own experiences. We met three girlfriends at a bar one evening and talked about our very first kiss. It turned into an evening with red wine, olives and some pretty embarrassing stories. About being a kid and praying to God to have a boyfriend or about the pretty boy with the curly red hair that I dreamed of when I was 9 years old. I had no doubt that the book should be drawn in ink, in one color and it should be red, “Scharlach red.”


When I go to sleepWhen I go to Sleep
Lena Nicolajsen is a graphic designer educated from the design department of The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, comes from the Faroe Islands and has previously published a number of children’s books and now also Graphic Novels at Hunov & Haffgaard


“When I go to sleep” is a graphic novella about a night where I struggled with monstrous insomnia. The story comes from my own struggle that night and is a tribute to anyone who can’t sleep and with some good advice against insomnia. I feel with you.”

Lena Nicolajsen, My first kiss
Release: 28.11.2019
20 Pages, 17 x 21 cm, Print in Red color
ISBN 978-87-970767-2-9

Lena Nicolajsen, When I go to sleep
Released by Smallest Stories, 2018
20 Pages, 17 x 21 cm, Print in Blue color
ISBN 978-87-970767-0-5

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My First Kiss and When I go to Sleep are drawn in one color ink and printed on elegant uncoated paper and are available in both English and Danish. The price for each book is 10 €  / 11 USD / 8 £. You can order our books by sending a mail to hunovhaffgaard@gmail.com