About Hunov & Haffgaard

Hunov & Haffgaard is a newly started micro-publisher from Nørrebro Copenhagen, which will publish graphic novels by new and not yet as well-known illustrators and graphic artists. What the artists all have in common  is the desire to tell a strong story which gives the eyes pleasant challenges.

It is our ambition that all publications from Hunov & Haffgaard will be  “Cool, Edgy & Exclusive” so the reader always gets a sensory visual reading experience.

Our first publications are by Lena Nicolajsen from the graphic design studio Pinligt Selskab / The Embarrassing company. Lena has drawn and written two small books for us about something that most people will know: Not being able to fall asleep at night “When i go to sleep” and about the very first kiss.
Do you remember your first kiss?

Hunov & Haffgaard
Guldbergs Plads 12, 3.th
2200 Kopenhagen N – Denmark
Tel.: +45 22 27 19 64