Stalins SinkStalins Sink
The year is 2016 and the stage is set for a road trip in the farthest corner of Siberia, where the cruel Gulag laborcamps existed under Stalin’s regime. Grim secrets are revealed along the way, and a game of truth or dare has fatal consequences when Greg, a man who has everything, goes on a terrifying photosafari with local guide Boris. Reality cracks as the two move deep into the heart of darkness.
Greg likes to look. But what stares back from the depths of Stalin’s Sink?

Stalin’s Sink
is volume 3 in Aksel Studsgarth and Craig Frank’s well-reviewed series, Outstanding Issues. The comic is published in English and has 67 pages. 


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You are about to meet Greta, a woman with an insatiable appetite.
She has one interest in life which she cannot fulfill;
until she gets unexpected help from the. . . Grár

The story takes place in 1963 in the Midwest United States, and is inspired by a true story. Believe it or not!
Grár is volume 2 in the Outstanding Issues series, drawn by Craig Frank and narrated by Aksel Studsgarth.

Aksel Studsgarth and Craig Frank,  Grár
80 pages 15 x 21 cm, colorprint
ISBN 978-87-973040-5-1

How to order
Grár costs 19 €  / 19 USD / 16 £.

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To The Bone
We’ve all been asking: “How the hell did this happen to us?”

Usually, when something really truly screws up, It´s like a chain of accidents. More than one thing has to go wrong. A Technician forgets to tigten a bolt properly… Three years later a Sys-admin spills salsa while she´s doing maintenance… And suddenly all it takes is a small power surge…  Is it possible to explain one of the biggest mysteries in the world right now and condense it into a comic book?

To The Bone creators, Craig Frank and Aksel Studsgarth, decided to take on this challenge. They unearth the chilling answer in this gripping tale, where we follow three heroes as they break all the rules of time-travel – with devastating consequences.


Aksel Studsgarth and Craig Frank, To the Bone
28 pages 15 x 21 cm, colorprint
ISBN 978-87-973040-3-7

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Monsters Do Not ExistMonsters Do Not Exist
A simple love story about confronting the monster under the bed in the childrens room. Suburban life takes a dramatic turn, tentacles appears out of nowhere all over the house and in the nusery the soft toys gets a life of their own when a thesis-writing woman comes face to face with a monster. The book alludes to a wide range of references from popular culture including Japanese tentacle hentai, animal documentaries from the depths of the ocean as well as the classic Danish TV series Matador. All woven into an original story drawn in a soft and organic style rich in details and unmistakably its own.

Monsters Do Not Exist is drawn and written by Ina Korneliussen who has made comics all her life and has no intention to stop. She likes deep-sea fauna and philosophical conversations over a nice cup of tea.


Ina Korneliussen, Monsters Do Not Exist

52 Pages, 17 x 21 cm, Black and White Print
ISBN 978-87-973040-2-0

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Coffee BrakeCoffee Brake is the story about Barbara, who after a long day in the office, is on her way in panic drives down a frosty, moonlit forest road with her reproachful mother in the Phone, on her way to her father’s birthday. The conflict with mother escalates, and after tyrying to light a cigarette, she resorts to the to-go coffee, which falls apart and spills into her lap the moment she glimpses a female figure in the middle of the road ahead. She slams the brake and the car slides menacingly towards the calm figure in the headlight beam before stopping a few inches in front. Barbara runs out of the car, but the woman is gone, and back in the headlight seat sits a black cat. She slams the car door and follows the cat into the dark forest …

Magnus Merklin, Coffee Brake
32 Pages, 17 x 21 cm, Colorprint
ISBN 978-8-797-30400-6

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