Ina Korneliussen – Monsters Do Not Exist

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Monsters Do Not Exist
A simple love story about confronting the monster under the bed. Suburban life takes a dramatic turn, tentacles appears out of nowhere all over the house and in the nusery the soft toys gets a life of their own when a thesis-writing woman comes face to face with a monster. The book alludes to a wide range of references from popular culture including Japanese tentacle hentai, animal documentaries from the depths of the ocean as well as the classic Danish TV series Matador. All woven into an original story drawn in a soft and organic style rich in details and unmistakably its own.

Monsters Do Not Exist is drawn and written by Ina Korneliussen who’s work includes the comic ÆG (EGG) and the graphic short story collection Små dyr (Small Animals). Ina Korneliussen is also the woman behind the quirky zine Fiskeben (Fishbone). Monsters Do Not Exist is her first book in English. Ina Korneliussen has made comics all her life and has no intention to stop. She likes deep-sea fauna and philosophical conversations over a nice cup of tea.

Monsters Do Not Exist
is published by Hunov & Haffgaard. The book comes in an English edition, as well as a Danish. It is a paperback printed on 170 gram silk paper and matt laminate cover.

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